A Cost Competitive,

Simpler, More Flexible,

Mobile Offshore Solution


MOPUFLEX A/S aims at becoming a globally recognized supplier of shallow-water platform technologies by 2020 by offering a cost-competitive industry superior solution that competes head to head with both Jack-Ups and traditional offshore service vessels.

The MOPUFLEX Platform solution is unique, as it includes a new type of Jack-Up system and a RigMover enabling the platform to change location within a day with no additional requirements (and costs) for tugs and handlers.

The MOPUFLEX solution is more versatile and overall a better proposition compared to traditional Jack-Ups as well as offshore vessels applied for production, maintenance, accommodation & storage.

The proprietary MOPUFLEX technology was conceived in 2009 and through ongoing discussions with South East Asian based O&G companies further developed since. The feedback and the interest around MOPUFLEX solutions so far has been nothing less than overwhelming.

The first MOPUFLEX platform units are expected to be in operation by the December 2016.




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